Mobile Fleet
Tire Service

Tri-State Tire’s mobile fleet tire service helps you minimize downtime – and that translates to the bottom line for your business.

Our experienced technicians come to you for all your fleet’s tire repair and replacement needs, taking all the hassle out of your fleet’s tire maintenance. We can handle almost any problem at your location, wherever it may be.

Tri-State’s mobile service is an important facet of our comprehensive fleet tire services. We assist customers in American Fork and throughout northern Utah with used, new and retread tires. For our fleet customers, our mobile service is precisely what you need to keep things moving.

mobile fleet tire service, semi trucks sitting in loading bay

Fleet Tire Services When & Where You Need Them

Your vehicles don’t develop problems on your schedule and that’s why our mobile tire services are available when you need them.

Whether you need mobile service at your facility, on a jobsite or on the side of the road, we will get to you quickly. We can work on a forklift right on the dock or a backhoe in your equipment yard. As long as our mobile truck can reach you, we will be there.

Getting a mobile tire service technician dispatched to your location is as simple as contacting us, day or night.

American Fork, Utah’s Mobile Tire Service for Specialty Fleet Vehicles

Whether your fleet consists of delivery vans, semi trucks, busses, construction equipment, forklifts or other types of specialty vehicles, our mobile tire services are ideal for you.

Our highly qualified technicians have the training and experience to handle any issue quickly and effectively. Our mobile vehicles are stocked with everything we need to complete your service.

Whatever type of commercial tires you have, the Tri-State team knows what it takes to get you up and operational and back on the job.

Mobile Fleet Tire Services Tailored to Your Needs

Keeping your fleet vehicles rolling – safely and reliably – is imperative for getting the job done. That’s why our mobile services include routine maintenance and inspections. We can ensure that your fleet’s tires are inflated to the proper PSI and inspect for potential problems that, left unaddressed, could put your vehicle out of service.

Because we are independently owned and operated, we have the flexibility to tailor our services specifically to your needs. Whether your fleet is composed of three vehicles or 300, we have the knowledge, experience and capacity to take care of you.

All our fleet services are designed to maximize your safety and efficiency while minimizing your cost. If you’re in American Fork or any of the surrounding communities of northern Utah, contact Tri-State Tire today to learn more about how we can help you keep your company’s vehicles going strong with our customized, scalable mobile fleet tire services.