In American Fork, Utah, tire retreading from Tri-State Tire is the most cost-efficient wheel management strategy you can use in your commercial fleet operations.

Retreading is a safe, effective and cost-saving alternative to replacement. To provide the most comprehensive products and services to our customers, Tri-State Tire has its own retread shop, right here at our northern Utah location.

tires in tire retreading shop

What Is Tire Retreading?

This process takes a worn tire and removes all remaining tread. New tread is applied using a combination of heat and pressure, very similar to how new tires are made. Once the rubber cures, we inspect the work carefully and then trim and paint it.

When you purchase new tires, choose a name brand tire that is designed to be retreaded. In fact, several manufacturers offer a two-time retreading minimum guarantee. Take care of them properly and pull them well before they reach the minimum allowable tread depth.

If you invest in high-quality tires and maintain them well over time, you can have them retreaded repeatedly, as long as they don’t sustain catastrophic damage such as a puncture. Retreads don’t require any additional maintenance either. As long as you maintain them the way you would a new tire, you’ll get approximately the same amount of safe, reliable miles.

Benefits of Tire Retreading

The most recognized benefit of retreading is the significant cost savings, as a retread costs a fraction of what new tires do, with no loss of gas mileage, performance or durability. In fact, many customers report that their retreads last longer than the original tread.

For companies with large fleets, the cost savings can be staggering over the lifetime of a vehicle. If you manage your fleet proactively, you can effectively reduce the cost of new tires by as much as 50 percent by retreading.

The other important benefit is environmental. Using a tire multiple times – some can be retreaded over and over – significantly reduces the environmental impact as compared to buying a new one. And any rubber we remove during the process can be converted to rubber mulch.

Tire Retreading in American Fork, Utah

Here at Tri-State Tire, we have our own retreading shop, so we can vouch for every retread we sell. We can use your casing (if it’s viable) or we can use one of ours.

Myths abound about this practice but tire retreading safety research proves not only is this practice safe, but it does not account for the rubber debris often seen on interstates and roadways. In fact, that debris comes primarily from poorly maintained or underinflated tires.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation imposes standards for any retreading on passenger car, light duty truck and four-wheel drive tires. Advanced technology has rendered this process not only safe but highly effective.

In American Ford and the surrounding areas of northern Utah, contact the Tri-State Tire shop to learn more about how our tire retreading services can benefit you.